Our Mission

Solid State Social Club exists to bridge the gap between technology and community.

Our charitable mission focuses on helping other charitable organizations and providing free computer science training to the underserved.

Charitable Efforts

We are restoring arcade machines for a local children's charity and we need your help! If you have any of these items laying around, we can put them to good use.

We have inspected the arcade cabinets and the logic boards are good, but some have display or power issues.

Here is a list of parts we need:


Spring 2019

Incorporate as a non-profit organization

Complete arcade project

Create free online content for beginning programmers and makers

Mid 2019

Continue production of free online content

Attend community events, raise money for forever home

2020 and beyond

Secure a physical space on the East Side of Columbus where anyone can come make and learn at no cost

Who We Are

We are programmers, makers, leaders, video game developers, musicians, and artists on the East Side of Columbus, Ohio